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Potluck Pedagogy

Empowering Asian Americans in Schools

Potluck Pedagogy is a coaching and consulting service. Our mission is to empower Asian Americans in schools. We consult with schools to support students of Asian descent, and we coach Asian educators to reach their career goals. 

Anna Yang and Andrew Lee are the co-founders of Potluck Pedagogy. Anna has 19 years of experience working as a school leader, teacher, and professional musician. Andrew has 16 years of experience working as a school administrator, teacher, and community builder.

Potluck Pedagogy values collaboration and diverse perspectives. Like a family potluck meal, we value bringing people together to create a beloved community of teaching and learning ("pedagogy").

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Consulting for independent schools

Many independent schools have growing populations of Asian American and/or Asian International students. Our experiences as school leaders and former international students who now identify as Asian American helps us identify needs, empathize with both Asian American and Asian International students, and create systemic solutions to support schools.


Career coaching for AAPI educators and social sector professionals

We're in a historical moment for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) professionals who care about doing well and doing good. We provide advice and support to help AAPI social sector professionals set and achieve their goals. We do this by equipping them with specific skills to counter invisibility, self-doubt, and internalized stereotypes.


DEI Curriculum Reviews

Public, charter, and independent schools across the US are thinking about how to diversify their curriculum. Whether to meet a state mandate for ethnic studies or a strategic plan to increase students' sense of belonging, schools need support in reviewing and enhancing their curriculum. With our collective experiences as a Chief Academic Officer, Chief DEI Officer, and department chair, we provide audits, analysis, and frameworks to construct solutions to support schools.



We represent the intersectional Asian American Diaspora

Anna first came to the US from South Korea in high school. She has retained a strong Korean heritage. She is a proud multilingual Korean American, woman of color. She specializes in coaching and consulting elementary and middle school educators, and teachers who were not born in America.

Andrew first came to the US as an international student at 15 from Hong Kong, and through 25 years of advocating for AAPI causes has come to identify as both Asian American and International. He specializes in coaching and consulting K-8 school administrators, and high school Asian American teachers.

We value a potluck of bringing together diverse perspectives to create a stronger whole, much like the family style Asian potlucks that feed our souls. We also value pedagogy - the method and practice of teaching - and bring personalized teaching approaches to our coaching and consulting.


If you’re an Asian educator or a school serving Asian International or Asian American students, and you’re looking to grow, we are here to walk alongside you. As ancient Chinese philosopher Laozi said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We're here to help you take that step.

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